About us

Since 1998


Savion is a collaboration of hand crafted baked goodness. Sprouting from the rich baking heritage of the Ukraine, owners Sergeiy and Ina were true bagel connoisseurs, they hunted and tasted all different varieties of bagels until they found Savion in Melbourne, Australia. Sergiy and Ina just had to be part of this truly unique bakery and so they purchased the business in 2013. Introducing unique East European recipes, Sergiy and Ina have carried on the Savion legacy and taken it to the next level by contributing technique, finesse and love to their baking.

Savion opened in 1998 with old fashioned traditional bagels, cakes and exquisite coffee. Since then their repertoire has evolved into a range of classic inspired eastern european recipe baked in a rustic way. From nostalgic smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels to steaming hot cheese filled blintzes Savion brings the old classics to Melbourne with freshness and love. Their focus is on the quality and our contribution to the community around us and beyond.

Savion attributes its success to their team of dedicated people who aspire to turn out their best work each and every day. Their ethos has always been centred around their belief that good food has to be combined with great service and it's this practice that sets us apart.